Jerry Garcia, Reluctant Rebel at Workjpeg

Acting without all the answers

Most people who step in to create change are incredibly reluctant to get involved.

Not because we don’t care. But because we realize that what it takes to solve the problem we see requires expertise far beyond what we know. We keep thinking that the experts should see the problem and step in. But when they don’t, we do. It’s pathetic, really, to paraphrase Jerry Garcia. So when should we step in and what is our role?

Stone spiral

Bring your soul to work

The malaise of work is a spiritual crisis. How might devoting ourselves to our work – not our companies’ work or purpose – generate more joy, kindness, respect and compassion? How might bringing our real selves to work help us to grow our capacity to learn, help, care, imagine, forgive, and support others – and they us?