Stone spiral

Bring your soul to work

The malaise of work is a spiritual crisis. How might devoting ourselves to our work โ€“ not our companiesโ€™ work or purpose โ€“ generate more joy, kindness, respect and compassion? How might bringing our real selves to work help us to grow our capacity to learn, help, care, imagine, forgive, and support others โ€“ and they us?


The world is fast: an ode to daring work

The world is fast.
Viral diseases.
Natural disasters.
Pop-up stores.
Food trucks.
Trending tweets.
Viral videos.
Bull markets.
Bear markets.
Sudden death.
Market crashes
Medical miracles.
Random collisions.
Unexpected introductions.
The three a.m. eureka.

We are slow.
Looking for proof.
Seeking certainty.
Denying our yearnings.
Discrediting our hunches.
Waiting for someone else.
Hoping for a hero.
Worrying about mistakes.
Seeing things through a warped lens.
Remembering before.
Longing for the predictable.

Take one step.
Then another.
Let go.
Dive in.
Feel the energy.
The wind helping you go faster.
The unusual friendships.
The laughter from the unexpected.

The surprise that you are safe.
The surprise that work is different.
The relief that you are relevant. Running rather than being dragged.
The world is fast and furiously asking us to take our feet off the brakes.
We are all skidding. Take your foot off the brake.

Steer into your work.

Into your life.
Into the world.




Myths and privileges


I hear a lot of stories talking with people about being a Rebel at Work.

Many people are angry at not being heard. Some are sad that their organizations are on a bad downward spiral, with management rallying around what no longer works. Others have checked out of work and checked into being complacent and โ€œjust getting the paycheck.โ€

For a while the complacent ones got to me the most. To go to work every day and not give a ratโ€™s ass just seems like giving up on life itself.

And the cynicism? Scorching. It would be tough to work with someone with that kind of negative mindset.

But the stories that get to me the most are the people who donโ€™t try to change anything because of the CHANGE MYTH. These people have come to believe — or been led to believe — that if youโ€™re going to try to fix problems you