Marketing 2009: free eBook

The wise, warm and generous Valeria Maltoni has compiled a free eBook about 2009 marketing directions from 12 marketers, including me and my Beeline Labs partner Francois Gossieaux.  Rather than predictions or talking about general trends, all the contributors provide helpful, pragmatic ideas on where to focus and how to execute.   You can download the ebook from Valeria’s Conversation Agent blog. Here are some of the highlights:

  • “Basic metrics you can initially use to match up before, during and after sales deltas are frequency, reach, and yield” – Olivier Blanchard, The Brand Builder, @thebrandbuilder
  • “There are three imperatives for execution programs in 2009 – start with measurement, create content for the open Web and for mobility” – Matt Dickman, Techno||Marketer, @MattDickman
  • “The foundation and core of what social media is, consists of the five C’s. Conversation, community, commenting, collaboration and contribution” – Mike Fruchter, My Thoughts on Social Media, @Fruchter
  • “With social media as a platform for participation, people can behave the way they were hardwired to behave in the first place – humanly, tribally” – Fancois Gossieaux, Emergence Marketing, @fgossieaux
  • “Companies with greater social intelligence have stronger bonds with employees and customers, and that translates into revenue” – Lois Kelly, Beeline Labs, @LoisKelly
  • “Change ensures our own livelihoods – new opportunities and trends to capitalize upon, unique products and profit centers that merit development, robust innovation to leverage”- Christina Kerley, CK Epiphany, @ckepiphany
  • “Social media interaction allows us to have… well, interaction with our customers. It lets us see them as people instead of statistics and it lets us hear their voices” – Jennifer Laycock, Search Engine Guide, @JenniferLaycock
  • “A proper social media education is more than just learning new tools. The most important lesson we can impart is the necessity to think ‘humans'”- Connie Reece, Every Dot Connects, @ConnieReece
  • “Social media isn’t causing problems, but it is revealing them. And the problems aren’t new; they’ve been around for a while” – Mike Wagner, Own Your Brand!, @bigwags
  • “The secret of success in social media is a product or a service that people actually like and use” – Alan Wolk, The Toad Stool, @awolk